New Digital And Experience Partnership

One goal for our first trading year is to partner with the best digital solutions, and through these partnerships bring together our strategic expertise with the right digital tools, helping you achieve your business goals. So, I’m excited to announce that our first confirmed partnership is with the leading experience personalisation platform Monetate.

Transforming The Customer Experience

We’re transforming the customer experience by partnering with best-in-class technology and providing our customers with tangible, measurable outcomes and results. Combined with our unique approach to digital experience testing we can offer flexibility and scalability, allowing customers to confidently drive growth and get the best possible ROI.

Stockley and Turner offer personalisation and experience testing services to help you hone your customer engagement. Our specialists implement tailored solutions that help you get the most out of your customer data, creating bespoke experiences for your customers with improved engagement and conversion rates.

Maximise Your Digital Investment

Discover an innovative tool that lets you personalise the user experience, test A+B variations and more. Get the most out of your investment with return on investment focused features that are flexible and easily scalable. Take control of your marketing plans with accurate, real-time insights. Ready to level-up your digital success?

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