At our creative branding agency in Kent, we believe that every brand has a unique story to tell. Our mission is to bring these stories to life through innovative and tailored branding solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand the essence of your business and translate it into a powerful and memorable brand.

Our Approach to Branding

Our approach to branding is holistic and collaborative. We work closely with our clients to ensure that every aspect of the brand, from the logo to the colour scheme, reflects their values and resonates with their target audience. Our services include:

  • Brand Strategy: Defining your brand’s vision, mission, and positioning.
  • Logo Design: Crafting a unique and recognisable logo that embodies your brand.
  • Visual Identity: Creating cohesive visual elements that reflect your brand’s personality.
  • Brand Guidelines: Developing comprehensive guidelines to maintain brand consistency across all platforms.
  • Brand Voice and Tone of Voice: Crafting a distinctive voice that captures your brand’s personality and resonates with your audience.

Crafting Your Brand Voice and Tone

A brand’s voice is its unique way of communicating with its audience. It’s the personality that comes through in all forms of communication, from marketing materials to customer service interactions. The tone of voice, on the other hand, can vary depending on the context and audience, but it should always reflect the overall brand voice.

  • Brand Voice: We help you define a consistent and authentic voice that reflects your brand’s values and connects with your audience.
  • Tone of Voice: We assist in developing a flexible yet coherent tone that can adapt to different contexts while staying true to your brand.

Branding We’ve Recently Developed

We take pride in the diverse range of brands we’ve had the pleasure to create. From global fashion retail, to smaller local businesses and (one of our personal favourites!) a hot drink brand, here are some of the brands we’ve recently developed:

Stockley and Turner Branding agency in kent: Creating Hot Drink Company visual identity and logo

Hot Drink Company

The Hot Drink Company needed a warm and inviting brand to appeal to coffee and tea lovers.

We created a cosy and approachable brand identity to entice and comfort customers. With a range of fun and easy to understand symbols for their online store

Visit to find out more.

Hamilton Hatt

Hamilton Hatt is a luxury global online fashion brand, requiring a sophisticated and elegant identity.

We crafted a timeless visual style that represents the brands approach to fashion: a range that isn’t based on fast fashion, instead consisting of a core range of pieces that transcend trends.

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Stockley and Turner Branding agency in kent: Creating Hamilton Hatt visual identity and logo designs for premium fashion retail
Stockley and Turner Branding agency in kent: Creating Radfit visual identity and logo, a bicycle maintenance brand based in Germany


A new chain of bicycle repair and maintenance shops in Germany, Radfit needed a visual identity that quickly and easily signified the speed, efficiency, and premium quality they want to become known for.

Visit to find out more, or read more about the development of the brand in the blog.

Iliffe & Iliffe

As a new estate agents based in Faversham, Kent, the founders wanted an identity synonymous with the Kent countryside.

From logo design, to stationery, for sale boards and more, a consistent and premium look & feel was crucial to establish the brand as a high end, and professional agency.

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Stockley and Turner Branding agency in kent: Creating Iliffe & Iliffe visual identity and logo, a local Kent, Faversham estate agency

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Choosing our branding services means partnering with a team that is passionate about creativity and dedicated to excellence. We combine strategic thinking with creative flair to deliver brands that not only look great but also drive business success.

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