Our Work: BritVic + PepsiCo

In May 2023, Walkers Max (a PepsiCo brand) and PepsiMax (distributed by BritVic here in the UK) launched their UEFA Champions League campaign across OOH. The campaign was one of the biggest ever seen across any foodservice digital channel, and the culmination of a 2 year strategic relationship with Brakes and Stockley & Turner.

Path to Purchase: The Key To Success

Going onto win awards for the campaign, a key element to developing the strategy for the campaign was the customer path to purchase, and how this varies by category in OOH. We developed new digital levers and campaign packages, to enhance brand recognition with foodservice customers, increasing brand sales as well ensuring category growth.

34% Increase in Online Sales

With Walkers Max value growth of 34% month-on-month, the campaign over-indexed vs the Crisps category growth of 11% for the same period

And PepsiMax saw value growth of 18% vs the Carbonates category growth of 10% (waiting on final number from Brakes). 

The campaign therefore drove overall category growth across the promotional period, and the collaborative approach saw PepsiCo win the coveted Digital Partner Award 2023.

Partner With Stockley + Turner

Luke Asbridge, Customer Business Manager at PepsiCo UK said “The support from Stockley & Turner on our digital journey has been crucial in furthering this success in Foodservice. 

“This is the first ever wholesale or foodservice campaign that saw similar impression numbers to what we’d expect to see in the Grocery channel, which is unprecedented. Without the support from Stockley & Turner, what we’ve achieved wouldn’t have been possible.”

Here we take a look at the intricacies of the campaign and its success, to understand how it generated unmatched brand visibility, and sales growth on brake.co.uk.

Campaign Overview

The UCL Walkers Max & PepsiMax campaign focused on maximising exposure through a multi-lever digital marketing approach. 

Leveraging the popularity of the UEFA Champions League, the campaign strategically targeted brake.co.uk users at multiple stages of their shopping journey, to ensure we hit a sweet-spot of repetition of brand message across the month, without switching users off.

Brand Awareness Levers:

A key part of online users’ path to purchase, seeing the brand multiple times before beginning their shopping journey ensures a good level of recollection before they start considering SKUs to purchase:

Homepage Feature Tile 

The prominent homepage feature tile is seen at the very top of the homepage, ensuring Walkers Max and PepsiMax products were instantly noticeable. 

Homepage Banner

An eye-catching homepage banner further down the page then reinforced the presence of Walkers Max and PepsiMax, effectively capturing attention.

Promotions Leaderboard

The Promotions page on brake.co.uk is the second highest page for traffic, after the homepage. It’s therefore an effective place for visibility, but often won’t see huge levels of engagement for banner placement, due to users primarily visiting the page to shop products on promotion. 

However, the PepsiCo campaign saw more than double the average click through rate for this lever (vs. average CTR Jan-June) 

Shopping Levers:

Each of the following activations are predominantly seen by logged-in Brakes users once they begin to browse categories and search for products. Users therefore have a high tendency to buy and add to basket at this stage, and placement at each of these points are therefore crucial for consideration:

Sponsored Search Listings 

Search is key to the buying journey, with more products added to basket from search result pages than any other page type, and 68% of users checking out using search to find the products they’re looking for.

The campaign incorporated sponsored search listings for six selected products, effectively optimising search visibility and ensuring that the targeted products remained top of mind for relevant terms.

Search Display

The search inline leaderboard strategy enabled the brands to maintain a strong presence for relevant search terms, significantly enhancing the likelihood of product visibility and customer engagement.

Checkout Journey Levers:

The last point where we can capture attention, before orders are placed:

Cart Leaderboard

Placing banners on the cart leader board served as a strategic reminder to customers at the last point in their journey before completing their orders, increasing the chances of impulse purchases and reinforcing brand recognition.

Optimise your users’ journeys and Increase Conversions:

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