Music and Event venues in Dover

As a marketing agency based in Dover, the live events in the community are a frequent topic of conversation. To document and share the hidden gem, that is Dover’s live music and nightlife scene, we have compiled and visited some of the most iconic locations nearby!  


Coffee shop and co-working space by day, wine bar and music venu by night. Vinoteq is the perfect place to chill out after a hard day of work, or take loved ones on the weekend. Typically playing jazz music and always serving the finest wines. 

Situated in the heart of Dover and a short walk from the beach and the port, Vinoteq is in the most idyllic location. Whether you are down for the day or a resident Dovorian, everyone is welcome to a decent glass of wine! 

And with the co-working space just upstairs, coming down from London or for work makes your trip a breeze. Simply rent a desk from £3.00/day and head down to the bar for a much needed glass of wine. Check out the Vinoteq website and Coteq website for more information on events and coworking.

La Salle Verte 

From first glance La Salle Verte may look like a common cafe. Behind the big green sign, La Salle Verte is home to a beautiful garden and conservatory area. Providing a european style coffee and relaxed atmosphere with great music. On occasion La Salle Verte will hold entertainment evenings or afternoons. 

With the friendliest staff and welcoming atmosphere, La Salle Verte is a must visit venue if you are in the Dover area. 

The Art Club

If you are looking for a good drink and live music, the Art Club is the place to be! With all the up and coming artists performing right here in the center of Dover. Come and visit this local coffee shop that is transformed in the evening. Owned by friendly artists pioneering to transform Dover nightlife into a lively scene! 

The Art club has two stages, one in the front and one at the back! So if you need a change of rhythm, simply head to the other stage!

Visit The Art Club for a good time and a great drink! 

Elephant and Hind

Located on Market Square, Elephant and Hind is filled with music and community. Previously run as two separate public houses the ‘Walmer Castle Inn’ and the ‘Duchess of Kent’, Elephant and Hind has been a pub and pillar of the Dover community for almost 300 years. 

Elephant and Hind vintage photograph
Property of Elephant and Hind

The pub has glass doors that open directly onto market square and seating outside, breaking the barrier between the pub and the community. The history and location of this pub make this a great location for seekers of culture and entertainment.

Having live performances very frequently and at all times of day, Elephant and Hind is perfect for a night out or a family outing. With recent appearances from Cool Maniere and Steve Tozzer! Elephant and Hind has plenty of outdoor seating for those sunny afternoons and a beautifully decorated interior for chillier nights. Pop in and visit this summer for a guaranteed good time! Visit the Elephant and Hind website for information.

The booking hall

The Booking Hall is the liveliest venue in Dover. With regular raves and concerts to get grooving to. The Booking Hall is on the edge of town in the beautiful old harbor buildings. See what’s on at The Booking Hall here! There is so much to attend this summer from live music to comedy shows, there is sure to be something for you!

Marina Curve – Pedaler

The Marina Curve, home to the iconic independent Pedaler coffee shop, is a great place to relax and see some occasional live performances. From the Curve, there are views of the harbor, castle and town. So sit back, relax and enjoy the music and scenery. Visit the Port Of Dover website for more information on the upcoming events on the marina and live performance dates.

Marina Curve

The independent Pedaler coffee shop is a sight to see in itself. For cyclists this spot is a hub to refresh before hitting the peddles again. Cyclists aren’t the only ones welcome to enjoy this amazing location. So come and visit for a really good coffee!

Best Western

The waterfront bar, Mr White’s English Chophouse and Wheelers Fish & Chips by Marco Pierre White are all located within the walls of the Best Western in Dover. A five minute walk from the Marina Curve will bring you to this exquisite location. The best western has the occasional live performance and a variety of great food and drink to enjoy in the meantime. Check out the Best Western website for more information.

Visit the Stockley and Turner Instagram page to see our reel of recent live events at these venues!